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Applying for a job at Meijer online is easy and the benefits of working for Meijer are numerous. Meijer is a retail giant that is in the top 20 largest privately held companies in the United States, with 200 stores in 5 midwestern states. It's a great place to work because you can experience great personal and professional growth. For 75 years, Meijer has been expanding the family business from the humble beginnings in 1934 from Greenville, Michigan to its present headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the company has continued growing at a rapid pace.

The four core values of Meijer's culture and work environment include customer centered service, competitive spirit to win customers over, freshness in products and services and "familyness" of staff that was built on its origin as a family-owned business. A Meijer online job application makes it easy to apply for the positions you are interested in from the convenience of your home.

Meijer's solid foundation is built on seven brand promises that include providing customers with low prices, the freshest products, more choices, offering solutions for customers in their community, an easy shopping experience, a talented team of employees that are sales-driven and passionate about the customers they serve.

When you complete your Meijer online job application, you are starting your journey with a company that offers benefits and fair treatment to their employees, just like they were family members. Based on the position, location and your time with the company, you are eligible for benefits that many companies have eliminated. These include medical and prescription coverage, dental and vision insurance, flex accounts, disability protection, workers compensation, pension and 401K options, paid time off, discounts, life insurance, adoption assistance and more.

For those that live in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, you have a wide variety of locations to choose from. The stores are open 24 hours a day, 364 days per year, but the website is open year round and never closes. There are probably positions available right in your own neighborhood.

The recent expansion to the online market not only allows you to complete your Meijer online job application, but allows customers to buy groceries by the case, choose the Meijer meal box, select from the online gift or wine list and enjoy the one-stop shopping experience offered in the retail superstores. As an employee, this means a wide variety of hours and schedules to choose from with the flexibility and opportunity to work for a progressive company that cares about customers and employees alike.

Your Meijer online job application is an opportunity to become one of more than 60,000 employees that work for this multi-billion dollar retailer. As a leading supercenter, Meijer is in the top 75 most highly regarded companies in the United States as ranked by Forbes Magazine. What this means to you is the chance to join a family-oriented team and be treated fairly, whether you are an hourly stocker or a management professional, pharmacy technician or cashier. You can search Meijer jobs online for corporate office opportunities, store and distribution facility operations or college student internships that lead to great promotional opportunities and bright futures with a leading retailer. Be sure to complete your Meijer online job application today!

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evitta 5 years ago

hi i hard about meijer from my friend and he side it is a gret job and i want to see for my self an i hope to hear from u thank you for taking the time to listen

thomas pfrommer 4 years ago

looking for a job at meijer, part tine in mchenry, il.

sherry 4 years ago

i would like to work at meijer,i have been a custormer for years love the savings.

Brenda Souder 4 years ago

I would like to work at Meijer,part time, I am a student in college.

jerold johnson 3 years ago

i woud like to work in the deli at meijers. i have the experience and the patience for a job such as this.

Tiana Gardner 3 years ago

I would love to work on the weekends, I attend Dr.Benjamin Carson High School of Scienc and Medicine, I'm a 9th grade student. I'll take whatever job is available for my age range.

greg wilkey 3 years ago

am interested in working for the meat department or being a meat manager i have 34 years experience in the meat industry have talk to your meat manager at the anderson location MR bill fogolson whom have worked with before at kroger

kathie m. clifford 2 years ago

i applied for a position at meijers at the okemos store,Would like to hear about any nea position

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